Vacation Home Management

Vacation Home Management

Lowerys have been acting on behalf Florida homeowners since 1985. We are well-known in the area and have occupied our current office premises since 1998. Our extensive experience of the vacation market in Florida and expertise in property management and vacation rentals ensures our homes are maintained to the highest standard with maximum rental income.

We are committed to maximising occupancy levels for all our owners and providing property management of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on communication - no e-mail goes unanswered or telephone call not returned.

We operate a totally open policy with our owners. Our Owners Weblink allows owners access to every monthly statement, full details work orders and a complete calendar showing all bookings both past and present and financial breakdown of each reservation.

Unlike the majority of agents we operate a strict No Pay -No Key policy. No guest whether direct or via a travel agent or tour operator will ever access any of our homes unless the rent has been paid in full in advance. This ensures that our owners are always paid promptly after departure.

We always need more quality vacation homes to satisfy rental demand. If you would like to know more please complete our enquiry form by clicking on the contact link above.

Property Care

Owners have a major investment in the vacation home. Property management of the highest standard maximises that investment. Firstly by ensuring that the fabric of the home is properly maintained and secondly offering well presented accommodation to the guest creating the repeat business when they next vacation in Florida.

Housekeeping and maintenance staff regularly attend all about homes whether for pre-arrival check ins or preventative maintenance such as replacing air-conditioning filters and so on. On each occasion a thorough check is made of the home to ensure that there are no issues that require attention.

Our management services include :-

  • Manage and maintain rentals to maximize income
  • Prominent offices for check-in and key collection
  • 24 hour emergency services
  • Cleaning
  • Garden / Lawn Maintenance
  • Pool Service
  • Property Maintenance
  • On-line monthly statements with full access of work orders, rentals and revenues
  • Regular property checks
  • Bill paying service (Management fee adjusted if owners wish to pay their utility bills)
  • Free Web page with property information, photos of home and community


Let us maximise your rental income.

Unlike the majority of agents we are not heavily reliant on wholesale tour operators nor are we dependent on direct bookings. From experience we know that our owners will achieve the greatest annual rental income not by ignoring any particular market but by choosing the best for each. Here's how -

Direct bookings are mainly from the USA mainland. Direct bookings produced the highest nightly rate to the owner. However, Americans do not have as much vacation time as other countries so the rental period tends to average 3 to 6 nights and rarely longer than that. (Did you know that more than 50% of all American visitors to Central Florida actually reside in the state of Florida? Another reason for the short stays. These short stays, by their very nature, create void periods between bookings unlikely to be filled so consequently occupancy levels are lower. So with direct bookings there is a higher nightly rate but lower occupancy.

Compare this with wholesale trade bookings normally arranged through overseas tour operators. Those guests generally have more vacation time and are travelling a much greater distance with expensive airfares and so on. So they tend to stay much longer periods averaging around 16 nights with many as long as 21 nights. The nightly rate is lower due to tour operator margins, rates of currency exchange etc but the booking usually has a higher dollar value due to the length of the stay. The two primary criticisms of wholesale bookings is that the tour operator blocks out peak seasons and often pays late often 30 to 60 days after departure. That simply does not happen with Lowerys Vacation Homes. We never allow blocked out dates - every booking must be for a specific period with the names of guests provided. Also, we never allow credit. We operate a strict no pay- no Key policy and we never allow any guest access to a home unless the rent has been paid in full prior to arrival.

So this gives our owners the best of both worlds. Direct bookings at a higher nightly rate and greater volume from wholesale bookings. This combination ensures that our owners achieve the highest annual rental income together with the confidence that whatever the type of booking they will be paid promptly.